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Here at Investments Crafted we offer opportunities for all sizes of investors. Currently we offer returns on loans between 7-9% depending on the loan to value. These loans are backed up by two borrowers and by real estate. Furthermore, these loans are under 65% Loan to Value based on the sales price of the land. Additionally, there is no requirement to be accredited because these are private loans.

We are a small company that buys and sells raw land all over the country under our acquisitions brand. We have done over 50 land transactions and have never lost a penny for any of our private lenders. Now when we sell a property on seller financing, we then pledge that loan as collateral for a loan from you!

Who are you dealing with?

Hi there! My name is Tim Krause.
I have been married for over 12 years and have two beautiful daughters. I was born and raised in Tacoma Washington, where I currently reside. And I’ve been in and around real estate for the past 20 years.
It started when I was 13 years old, and I worked as a handyman in my Opa’s apartment complexes. From 2005-8, I helped as my parents flipped about 14 houses. In 2007, I got my real estate license, and only a year later I watched my parents lose everything after the 2008 housing market crash. After that, I tried out tons of different jobs, swearing I would never go back to real estate. About 11 years later, I quit my latest job and started my own video production company. I continued with that business for three years, mainly working for real estate professionals. It reignited a drive to get into real estate again, so I started a land investing business in January 2020. I have since become enough of an expert to be featured on an interview and several podcasts within the real estate investing space to share my tips.
Over the past few years, I’ve built up a five person team. We send out approximately 10,000 units of mail every month to property owners to see if they want to sell their land. We currently buy and sell 3-5 properties a month. Internally in my land investing business, I have a heavy focus on systems and training videos. In my company, I have over 75 checklist items and 120 training videos to outline the process that each property progresses through.
Overall, I try to focus on how to give the most value to my lenders, sellers, and buyers. I constantly adjust my direct mailed letters to try and improve response rates and to increase ROI.

Please take a look at what I’m offering here and see if it might be a good fit for your financial investment needs. One thing I’ve learned in this business is that to be successful you don’t have to find a solution for everyone, but you have to find the right solution for someone. If you are that someone, please watch the video, fill out the contact form, and get in touch.

Thank you very much

Tim Krause


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